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A ruckus on the water ...... a Coot asserts his authority over a Male Tufted Duck.
The Greylag Geese are back
Swan water colour
Grey Heron drawing from Nature Reserve
Drawing from the Nature Reserve
Aerial photo of Beckford and the Nature Reserve, taken around 1990 shortly after all extraction ceased.
Frosty morning in December
View from the new seat
The new seat installed during the working party on Saturday 10th November 2012
Pyramid Orchid
Banded Demoiselle
Southern Hawker
Mint-leaf Beetle
Green-veined Orchid
Primrose wood
Snowdrop on the north bank
Sand Martin returning to its nest - May 2011
December by the lake
Winter fruits
Winter Oaks
Autumn buds
Time for a change
The trees have gone!
Autumn hues
Late Autumn
Late flowering
Summer visitor - female Orthetrum cancellatum Darter Dragonfly
Family meal
Canada Geese
Keep in check
Where's mum
Family outing
Thinking about a mate
Early blossom
Spring by the water
Unusual visitor to a wild area
A lone Iris
A blanket of primroses
Deciding where to enter the water
View south on a frosty morning
Hoar frost in the early morning
Winter scene
Winter scene
Winter scene
Building a new home
Early signs of growth
The first catkins
Mute Swan in the afternoon sunshine
Autumn in the northern woodland area
Mute Swan reflections
Mute Swan
Aeshna mixta Latrielle - Migrant Hawker Dragon Fly
Early Autumn
Female Mallard
Bee Orchid
Sunset over the Reserve